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Long Grey Beard lemezkritikák

2018. május 20.
Három angol szaklapban megjelent lemezkritikák a Long Grey Beard and a Head That's Bald című CD-énkről.


EDS: Long Grey Beard And A Head That’s Bald (review)

2018. március 12.
The owner of that titular beard and hairless dome is Andy Rouse, Exeter folk singer and academic, turned exile. Rouse has lived in Hungary since 1979, and here he surrounds himself with Hungarian musicians in a richly rewarding collaboration.


Keith Kendrick: Long Grey Beard And A Head That’s Bald (review)

2018. február 10.
Well, for those of us who like their folk music same as their beer: clear, smooth, traditionally rooted and full bodied, there's really nothing not to like about this new offering from this ‘spiffering' Hungarian band.




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