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Christine Zaremba joins Simply English for its 2022 Valentine's Day concert

March 19, 2022


The Garlic Song

August 15, 2020


Long Grey Beard Critical Reviews

May 20, 2018
Three reviews of our new CD Long Grey Beard and a Head That's Bald have appeared in English folk music magazines and newsletters.



Simply English performs at concerts, festivals, cultural centres, libraries, in schools and universities, at wedding ceremonies and other private functions. Simply English cooperates in theatre productions, writing, arranging and recording music. As well as its own long-term projects, Simply English accepts specific thematic projects for individual clients from its repertoire of over 100 songs and tunes and through further research.

The band plays all kinds of vernacular music, from medieval lyrics and student songs, to the piquant urban songs from the 17th and 18th century, to 19th-century music hall songs and the folk music of the countryside and the industrial townships, as well as a handful of twentieth-century songs.



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