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Long Grey Beard and a Head That's Bald

This CD contains a number of songs that simply didn't make it into earlier recordings.

Songs from the Caravan

This album, which celebrates the band's 20th anniversary, is the combined result of a number of music projects interspersed with creating a new sound after a change in musicians and the instruments played by them.

Rosy Apples

At Cecil Sharp House I discovered the volumes of songs originally collected by Alice Gillington (1863-1934) from children living in the southern English counties of Hampshire and Surrey and on the Isle of Wight, published exactly 100 years ago, in 1909.


Canakins is Simply English's 5th recording, and celebrates our 10th anniversary. The band, originally a duo, was formed to dispel the illusion that the Celts have all the good music and the English have all the good umbrellas.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise is Simply English's fourth album, and the first for four years.

Jolly Rogues Together (MC)

Simply English's second recording is a mixture of songs from a variety of popular sources.

A Simply English Christmas

Whatever time the songs originate from, they all carry the same essential message; a message that Simply English gives to you all in song and here: A very merry Christmas to you all!

A Story So Merry

being a unique selection of ye lyrical delights of ye blessed isle of Engelond.
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