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Student beauticians receiving their Simply English CDs

March 20, 2024
Pécs apprentice beauticians after receiving Long Grey Beard and a Head That's Bald as a token of thanks for making the posters for the 2023 British Autumn.


Simply English Valentine’s Day Concert

February 14, 2024
The legend of St. Valentine goes back to the pagan festival of Lupercalia, when men whipped women in blood-soaked sheep- and goatskins to make them fertile.


Christine Zaremba joins Simply English for its 2022 Valentine's Day concert

March 19, 2022


The Garlic Song

August 15, 2020


Long Grey Beard Critical Reviews

May 20, 2018
Three reviews of our new CD Long Grey Beard and a Head That's Bald have appeared in English folk music magazines and newsletters.


EDS: Long Grey Beard And A Head That’s Bald (review)

March 12, 2018
The owner of that titular beard and hairless dome is Andy Rouse, Exeter folk singer and academic, turned exile. Rouse has lived in Hungary since 1979, and here he surrounds himself with Hungarian musicians in a richly rewarding collaboration.


Keith Kendrick: Long Grey Beard And A Head That’s Bald (review)

February 10, 2018
Well, for those of us who like their folk music same as their beer: clear, smooth, traditionally rooted and full bodied, there's really nothing not to like about this new offering from this ‘spiffering' Hungarian band.


Colin Andrews: Songs From The Simply English Caravan (review)

December 27, 2017
This is a most unusual album in many ways. Not least because Andy Rouse has been based in Pec, Hungary, for more than 20 years, where, other than lecturing at the university, he performs English folk songs, with local musicians Barbarci Bulcsu and Zsombor Horvath.


The Stonecutter's Song

March 11, 2012
In 2005 Simply English was commissioned to record "The Stonecutter" for the IOLO MORGANWG project. You can hear this recording if you follow the link below. EDWARD WILLIAMS (1747-1826) was and remains better known by his bardic name, IOLO MORGANWG.


Christmas and Valentine's Day

November 9, 2010
Dear Organiser, November is here, and before we know it Christmas will be here, too. Let me offer two SIMPLY ENGLISH concerts for those long winter evenings: "A Simply English Christmas" and "Valentine's Day' with Simply English".


János Gergely passes away at the age of 80

September 25, 2010
On September 7, 2010, János Gergely died after a third, unsuccessful operation at the age of 80. János played a large part in the formation of Simply English.


EDS Review: Rosy Apples

September 20, 2010
Simply English are a trio based in Hungary, formed fifteen years ago to dispel the illusion that the Celts have all the good music and the English have all the good umbrellas. The chutzpah of their founder and lead singer, Andy Rouse, is the source of their appeal.


Simply English Music Club

April 26, 2010
The Simply English Shakespeare Show.


Simply English Music Club, Double Trouble

January 22, 2010
Live acoutic music workshop from the vernacular to the popular. Hosted by Simply English. With special guests: Double Trouble.


New album ready to be launched

September 14, 2009
Simply English's new album, "Rosy Apples", is ready to be launched. Pre-order Rosy Apples! Release date October 1, 2009.


'Birds of Paradise' is again available

May 9, 2006
We are happy... in fact, ecstatic... to inform you that as a result of popular demand 'Birds of Paradise' is again available.


New CD 'Canakins' released

April 24, 2005
Canakins is Simply English's 5th recording, and celebrates our 10th anniversary.


10th Anniversary

April 14, 2005
Put April 20 in your diaries! It's our 10th anniversary concert and the release of our new CD, CANAKINS.


New CD out

May 7, 2004
New CD 'Birds of Paradise' has been released. Birds of Paradise is Simply English’s fourth album, and the first for four years.


Gerald Porter: Birds of Paradise (review)

April 18, 2004
This is the fourth recording of the Hungary-based group who, as their name suggests, perform only English music, in resistance to what the sleeveliner calls “a world saturated with Celtic music, imagined or real”.


The Oxford Christmas Conference 2002

January 7, 2002
November 23 might sound a little early for a Christmas Conference, but it is just the right time to make teachers start thinking about their lesson plans about Christmas.



December 7, 2000
Our productive friends in Hungary, Simply English, have a Christmas CD out. Here we get 'The Boar's Head Carol' sung in an appealing pproximation of a medieval pronunciation of sorts.


Gerald Porter: SIMPLY ENGLISH Jolly Rogues Together

September 7, 2000
Most of us have got used to the idea that the recordings we buy are not available in the shops but have to be supplied from someone's garden shed.


Andrew Wright: Wedding

July 7, 1999
The wedding itself was just another huge event for us to organise... at least from my perspective.


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