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Andrew Wright: Wedding

July 7, 1999


(Andrew Wright: My journal for 1999)

The wedding itself was just another huge event for us to organise... at least from my perspective. Half an hour before the actual wedding someone pointed out to me that I was still in shorts and Tshirt. I suppose noone else had pointed it out and had put it down to another example of eccentricity from me. The day from my point of view began to change when Andy Rouse began to sing... it was more or less the first thing that happened in the ceremony. Andy is tall with a huge girth... a mixture between Friar Tuck and Little John. He has a perfect voice for folk singing and the Englishness of his song and his good nature created a moment which was rich and moving. But there were more! Five people read their poems or other peoples poems and more singers...three singers from Kecskemet sang some traditional Hungarian songs in high hard we had the full richness of the two cultures. A final surprise was when the kindergarten teacher brought 8 children to the front lead by Timi who then sang for everyone...tears described the wrinkles and rises of many a cheek in the room.

Andrew Wright

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