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János Gergely passes away at the age of 80

September 25, 2010


On September 7, 2010, János Gergely died after a third, unsuccessful operation at the age of 80.
János played a large part in the formation of Simply English. He was Andy's father-in-law, and for many years his Pécs home was the scene of band practices, first with Fenyvesi Béla and then with Bulcsú and Tomi, where he plied the band members with wine or, if they insisted, something weaker. Rehearsals often extended beyond the moment the instruments were placed in their cases. His hall window even served as a backdrop for the band's fourth album, "Birds of Paradise".

Even after the band stopped rehearsing at the Gergely residence, János made a point of attending concerts and, most recently, the Simply English Club down at the Bőrgyár Kastély (Tannery Manor).



The photograph shows him and his wife, "Buksi" as we all know her, at the last Simply English concert
before his death, at the ICWIP Festival in front of Pécs Cathedral, on July 28, 2010.

Simply English will sing "What's the Life of a Man?" at János's send-off wake.

As I was a-walking one morning with thee
Viewing the leaves that'd fell from the tree
All in full motion appearing to me
Those that had withered, they fell from the tree.
    What's the life of a man any more than a leaf?
    A man has his seasons, so why should he grieve?
    Although in this life we appear fine and gay
    Like a leaf we must wither and soon fade away.

If you had seen the leaves just a few days ago
How beautiful and bright they did all seem to grow
A frost came upon them and withered them all
A storm came upon them and down they did fall
    What's the life of a man....

If you look in a churchyard there you will see
Those that have fell like the leaves on a tree
When age and affliction upon them did fall
Like a leaf they did wither and down they did fall
    What's the life of a man....

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