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A Story So Merry (1997)


being a unique selection of ye lyrical
delights of ye blessed isle of Engelond

All songs traditional or anonymous except Track 2: words Herrick (1591-1674), tune Rouse, lute arrangement Szabó István.

  1. King John and the Abbot of Canterbury (trad)
  2. To Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything (Rouse - Herrick)
  3. Benjamin Bowmaneer (trad)
  4. John Barleycorn (trad)
  5. The Maid and the Box (trad)
  6. The Budget, a New Song (trad)
  7. Ploughboys (trad)
  8. Carrion Crow (trad)
  9. A Single Sailor is Soon Forgot (trad)
  10. The Watchet Sailor (trad)
  11. All Things Are Quite Silent (trad)
  12. Fare Thee Well, My Dearest Dear (trad)
  13. Fair Margaret (trad)
  14. Hori Horo (trad)
  15. The Merry Cuckold (trad)
  16. Nellie, the Milkmaid (trad)

Publisher: University Press Pécs in cooperation with Nortonbury Bt.
Studio: Do-La Studio




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