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Songs from the Caravan (2015)


This album, which celebrates the band's 20th anniversary, is the combined result of a number of music projects interspersed with creating a new sound after a change in musicians and the instruments played by them.

  1. Pretty Little Sarah
  2. King of the Gypsies
  3. The Squire and the Gypsy
  4. Oko Vela O Chavo
  5. Lord Bateman
  6. Chinese Maiden's Lament
  7.  Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  8. The Roving Journeyman - The Atching Tan Song
  9. The Red Barn Murder
  10. Robin Hood and Little John - Since Robin Hood - Watkins' Ale
  11. Lost Lady Found
  12. The Maid and the Miller - The Miller He Put His Hand On Her Toe - Laura
  13. Me and My Dawg
  14. John Barleycorn

Andy Rouse - vocals, spoons, tenor and treble recorders
Bulcsú Babarci - guitar, vocals, Cegléd jug, accordion, snare drum, saz
Zsombor Horváth - fiddle, viola, mandolin, oud, vocals

All tunes traditional except "The Red Barn Murder" composed by Andy Rouse.
Recorded by Gábor Schulteisz at Sonarium Studios, Pécs, Hungary.
Cover design: Bulcsú Babarci, cover notes: Andy Rouse.





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