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Birds of Paradise (2003)


Nortonbury Recordings

  1. Alison Gross (words trad, tune Rouse) 3:10
  2. Ratcliffe Highway (trad) 2:53
  3. The Last Shanty (Tom Lewis) 2:46
  4. Lowlands (trad) 5:18
  5. The Coblers End (late 18th c. broadside) 2:11
  6. The Jolly Barber, or The Barber fitted by a wanton Miss... (17th c.) 3:26
  7. The Ploughman, Woodland Flowers, Uncle Jim's (barn dance tunes) 4:37
  8. Me and my Dog (trad) 1:59
  9. The Frog and the Mouse (trad) 3:18
  10. The Trees They Do Grow High (trad) 4:52
  11. Marrowbones (trad) 2:30
  12. The Neighbour's Cat (Leon Rosselson) 4:02
  13. The Red Herring (trad) 2:36
  14. Gaol Song (trad) 4:40
  15. Spiders, Slugs and Ringworm Pie (trad) 2:50
  16. On Monday Morning (trad) 1:51
  17. Banks of Green Willow (trad) 1:47

Andy: solo vocals, recorders, spoons
Tamás: mandolin, guitar, accordion, vocals, whistle
Bulcsú: guitar, udu, vocals
with Zsolt Palkó: bodhran and Gábor Ferenc: tuba

Thanks to Leon Rosselson and Tom Lewis for allowing us to include our arrangements of their songs.

All songs traditional except 3, 12 and arranged by Simply English.




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