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Andy Rouse

One half of Andy's family is entrenched in classical music, while the other half consists of folk singers and dancers. After one year in a college music department, he realized that music for him was going to be a hobby and not a job, so he changed departments (to English literature) and started going to folk clubs with a vengeance, ending up as co-organizer at two, both in Exeter: The Double Locks folk club and the Welcome Inn folk club. He sang regularly at the Jolly Porter, and was briefly associated with the Thaxted Morris Dancers as a musician before moving to Hungary, where he has lived since 1979.

Once in Hungary he continued singing and was one of the founding organizers of the Pécs International Folk Festival , about which he wrote an article in the Cannadian Journal "Ethnographies" (2001). His main job is as a lecturer in British history and politics at the Department of English Literatures and Cultures, where he occasionally leads a seminar on English social history through vernacular song. As well as lecturing and singing he has written several books and translated a number of books, poetry, dramas and film screenplays.

Band history:
1973- alone. Traditional folk songs, unaccompanied.
1975-7: (with Roger Johnson) Jiggery Pokery
1989-: performances of This Is The Way with Szélkiáltó
1993-1997: The Folk Tone Drum
1995-: Simply English
1997-: Triumvirate, a show of poetry, story-telling and song. (Guess which bit!)
2002. The 7-piece Folk Tone Drum gets together for the first time in 7 years for a once-off concert.


  • lead vocals
  • recorder
  • Appalachian dulcimer
  • spoons & small percussion

Babarci Bulcsú

  • guitars
  • udu
  • vocals

Bulcsú is a university student of English when he can take the time off from playing music. There is not enough room on this website to list all the bands he has founded, is a regular member of, or plays with as a session musician, and if we did, it would be out of date anyway, but he probably spends more time on stage than any other string-twanger in the county. He prefers at least two rehearsals a day.


Horváth Zsombor

  • fiddle
  • mandolin
  • viola
  • accordion
  • vocals


Former members


Zajzon Tamás

  • mandolin
  • guitar
  • accordion
  • whistle
  • vocals

Tamás was brought up in the Big City, and came to folk music late, through Jethro Tull. He graduated from Pécs University as a music major, but has wisely shunned the classroom, preferring to scrape an uncertain living from his not inconsiderable performance talents. When not with Simply English, his repertoire is more closely allied to the Celtic areas of the British Isles. He has composed a number of his own songs. He is a regular guest at French clubs and pubs with a Celtic flavour.


Fenyvesi Béla

  • guitar
  • recorders
  • tamborica
  • vocals


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